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Our First Curvy Girl of the Month - Kathleen Doyle! And she's Giving Away Curvy Sketches


Kathleen Doyle is our FIRST Curvy Girl of the month.

Katheen is an illustrator who's passionate about body positive images of curvy women. She’s so excited abut being featured, she’s offering a FREE illustration to one lucky subscriber. Also,Kathleen is offering 15% off anything in her etsy shop for ALL Curvy Girl Chronicles' subscribers. Read more for details.

Kathleen in her own voice:

I'm an illustrator whose passion is to bring plus size representation to the world of fashion illustration. I really enjoy sketching fabulously dressed curvy women - and people email me all the time to tell me how thrilled they are to finally see fashion sketches that really look like them!

As a size 24 woman myself, I believe it's important to use my talents to create more

visual references in the fashion world for all of us curvy ladies. In the fashion college

illustration classes where I was trained, we were taught to draw women with unnaturally

thin bodies because it's more "elegant" - but I take a lot of pleasure in repeatedly proving

this idea false! Elegance, grace, and fashion have no size restriction.

How she's living That Curvy Girl Life:

I live the curvy girl lifestyle because I never give up on my dreams - there are always

opportunities out there as long as you're not afraid to reach for them!

Giveaway details:

1 reader will receive a FREE custom water color print.

You must be folllowing @CurvySketches and @CurvyGirl_Chronicles on Instagram.

Hashtag the photo you would like used for your custom drawing with #CurvyChroniclesSketch.

No Instagram account? No problem

Kathleen is also offering a promo code for ALL Curvy Girl Chronicle subscribers, 15%

off anything in her etsy shop from August 4 - August 31. All Curvy Girl Chronicles, subscribers will receive the discount code via email, so subscribe today! Code Expiries 11:59pm August 31, 2014.

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