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Learn How to Be Happy - Happiness 101

Are You Happy?

I think ultimately we all aspire to be happy. At least I know that's my goal, to be truly happy, career wise, socially and just extremely happy with life in general. Happiness is the goal but it can also be a struggle, and according to some research, social media doesn't help. Well what if happiness could be taught?

A New FREE Online Course - The Science of Happiness

In September a “massive open online course” (MOOC) devoted exclusively to positive psychology will be offered. The course will teach students science-based skills for greater happiness and wellbeing.

The instructors are Dacher Keltner, Ph.D., and Emiliana Simon-Thomas, Ph.D. The class is free and open to everyone in the world. It's designed to be very interactive so students will have a chance to share with students from other countries and cultures. There will be weekly "happy practices" that you can do at home, based on research linking the practices to greater happiness.

Don’t Worry Be Happy, Register Here

The online class starts September 9th. There are two ways to register, at either or Not ready to register, no worries, you can opt in at any time and audit the course.

I’m going to audit the course check in from time to time and see if happiness can really be practiced and learned. What do you think?

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