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Wanna' Get Fit With Me? Fit Girls Guide - Week 1 Recap

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September 22 marked the start of the Fit Girls Guide challenge. Fit Girls Guide is a downloadable ebook, about 28 pages, that provides excercises and meal plans, its basically a healthy life style guide for women. It provides practical advice on clean eating and exercise in a fun, my BFF is talking to me way. Example : Why is Britney Spears my Spirit Animal? Please grrl, why isn't she... Um , she's amazing to work out to. Have you ever listened to "Work B**ch!" That's actual text from the guide -- too fun!


I lost 34 lbs about a year , maybe a year and half ago and gained back 7, ok 9, ok, OK, 11 lbs!! lol. My body just got use to the exercise so a jumpstart is what I need. I love the recipe guides the e-book provides because for me, eating healthy is the hardest part about maintaining healthy curves.

I don't mind working out, I'm a member of TWO gyms and I go regularly, but afterward I hit Chick-fil-A for sweet tea and chicken fingers. (Chick -fil-A is evil!!) lol. Fit Girls Guide provides fun encouragement and a challenge where you can win up to $500 in Amazon gift cards! I'll recap my progress each week. Meanwhile, I read these transformation stories to stay motivated.

My Predictions

So here's to hoping I don't pass out in week 2 from Chick-Fil-A withdrawal. I hope and pray I stick to this guide, Im excited to see how I can transform into a curvy but healthier me. Keep me honest, comment on this blog post and my instagram, @Curvygirl_chronicles. I could use encouragement from my curvy community! Feel free to share your healthy curves tips too.

WEEK 1 Recap

-I ate great, discovered I make a mean whole wheat pita, veggie pizza,

-I like roasted veggies with garlic powder and I've deepened my yoga practice.

-I did not workout 6 times a week as was suggested in the guide but I hit the gym at least 3 times.

-Also the guide has all sorts of fun craft projects, YES crafts, such as making a heart with your goals on it. I didn't make the heart y'all but I'll make one Week 2 and show it off here. I did do the #28dayjumpstart qualifying picture with my Let's Do This Sign!! So Lets go WEEK 2!!


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