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The ILL Fashion Tour - You Hip?

The Ill Fashion Tour sounds sick! Yes, sick, dope, fly fresh, - enter creative slang adjective here. LOL It's definitely all of these and more.

Laura Burge from had a brilliant idea - an illustrated fashion tour. From June through July she is illustrating fashion bloggers. I'm more of a body positive with a side of fashion blogger, but I made the list!! (I'm doing a lil dance, it's a cross between the Nae Nae and the Bankhead)

Laura is a creative, she does amazing illustrations for prints, pillows, t- shirts and she blogs! The Ill Fashion Tour will feature a different blogger each week, all illustrated and will include details about that blogger's motivation and inspirations. How cool! Come, go on the illustrated fashion tour with us from June - July, first stop FashionDujour the blog of BLM Girl founder Leslie.

If you're looking for Curvy Girl Chronicles, my post will be up June 15 . So get ill, and get hip to the Ill Fashion Tour!!

Curvy Girls aren't selfish, we share... so hit those buttons below & share the Ill Fashion Tour with your friends.

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