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Music Monday Motivation -Eight 90's Songs Inspired by the Movie Dope

I saw Dope this Saturday, the movie not the narcotics, and yes the movie is Dope! I had a great time and the 90's flavor had me nostalgic all weekend. So for this Music Monday Motivation I thought I'd hit you with some 90s originals and some remixes. It's not all hip hop there is some grunge in there as well. Enjoy.

Music Motivates, it inspires, it pushes us, it calms us so what better way to face Monday's and own Monday's then with a kick - ass music playlist. Pull it up each morning this week, vibe on it in the afternoons but let's look at Mondays and say What bihh?! I got this! Plug in your headphones, earbuds, turn up the bass. It's Music Mondays.

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