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Kia Sedona Review - Don't Mistake This for JUST a Family Car

I received a Kia Sedona Mini-Van to test drive for a week. As always my opinions and comments are my own.

Some friends and I planned a beach trip to beautiful Assateague island, land of the wild horses and I asked for a vehicle that could hold 5-6 people. We needed a comfortable ride for 5 women, coolers full of food, beach bags, towels and all other beach must-haves, like wine, of course. (As the designated driver, I couldn't sip but my friends had no such limitations) We had a 3 hour road trip planned and needed comfort and reliability. I drive an older model Lexus RX (like pre -Sirius Radio) and it could seat 5 but definitely not 6 comfortably.

I thought I'd receive an SUV. Well, an SUV wasn't available but the Kia Sedona minivan was. Minivan!!! For 5 fierce, gorgeous, women? hmmm? But Kia knows what they are doing! The Sedona is more luxurious than any minivan I've ever seen. That was my first mistake, thinking this van was just for mom's on the soccer circuit. This is less like a minivan and more like a multi-purpose vehicle. My friends and I all raved about the Sedona, the comfort, the amenities, the TWO sun roofs. This car was just as fun for young (early 30's) professionals, with no kids, as it would be for a family of 5.

We had a ball, the Sedona was comfortable, with reclining captain seats, 2 sun roofs, push button start, luxury interior, and a 360 degree camera!! That camera came in handy when we got a little too close to another vehicle in the parking lot. Let's say we were inches away from finding out what two vehicles kissing looks like. There was just a little space between the cars. Ohhhh! But Kia's 360 degree camera to the rescue! It made backing out of a difficult space a breeze.

Check out all of this lovely trunk space, 4 chairs, 1 huge cooler, towels, and yeah, you guessed it wine, all fit comfortably in this space, we didn't even have to push the backseat down. And that automatic rear lift gate was just a lifesaver. Win!

Yes we saw horses, yes we enjoyed the beach but most importantly I spent a fun day with friends. Let's face it; family isn't just blood, friends are family too and the Kia Sedona minivan isn't just a family van, is a luxury ride that any and everyone can enjoy!

I'd show you a group picture of my friends but they're all camera shy and threaten bodily harm if the group beach picture ever comes to light, **le sigh** . Luckily, Spot (yes I named him) was much more willing to pose for the paparazzi. So for those of you wondering, yes we saw horses!!

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