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How to OWN Cyber Monday and 7 Great Deals

Thanksgiving is done, you ate all the Turkey and the leftovers, you were full so you skipped the Black Friday crowds or maybe you just didn't feel like fighting your way through bargin bins... Then Cyber Monday is for you. Whether, you hit Cyber Monday from home, at work (shhh, I won't tell) or via your phone, here's an easy Cyber Monday checklist to make sure you have a great, relaxing Cyber Monday. I threw in some of my fave deals and stores too.

Being Early is Being on Time

When the clock strikes 12:00 Monday be online and be ready to grab some great deals.

Protect your identity

You're not the only one online looking for a"steal" feel free to use Paypal as a safe payment option.

Do your research

Know what sites you want to visit and who has the deals, hit those first before things sell out. I like to make a list of my Top 3 sites and budget my time and money from there.

Think outside the box

It's not jsut clothes and shoes on sale, you can get electronics and even books!

Just breathe, relax

Don't feel pressured to buy just because every other second you're hit with the Cyber Monday hashtag, remember it's the holiday season so all of your favorite brands will continue to have sales. Also look for the sales and deals that extend past Cyber Monday, some are even extended through the first week in December.

Here are a few of my fave Cyber Monday deals. Enjoy and if you snag one, scroll down and let us know in the comments below.

Free standard shipping for 2 ore more items from now until December 2

Nayyirah Waheed

The Warm Winter Holiday Book Sales 50% off at Create Space

50% off title discount codes: bone: BCCVNJF6 nejma: N8R23PFK salt: SQF3BTJW

40 - 50% Off

BOGO - BUy ONe get anything 50 and Under FREE

50% off your entire purchase, an extra 10% off when you spend $125 or more, FREE shipping

Use code HolidayFun for 30% off your order

50% off eVERYTHING + FREE shipping

Buy one get one 50% off sitewide

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