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Curves to 5K - 3 Tips to get those Curves from the Couch to 5K!

Curvynistas, Spring has sprung and it finally appears the weather may have caught up with the season. With the change in weather often comes the urge to get in better shape, try something different or simply Spring into action. If you fall in either of these three categories, I think you will find these quick tips helpful if you've ever wanted to complete a 5k walk/run.

1. Races are Always Better with Friends

Grab a friend who is ready to do something new and different. My suggestion is to choose someone who is willing and not someone you have to convince. Their personal desires will prove necessary as you both work to accomplish your goal. Do you have a friend who has been hinting at achieving new goals or running a race? Call them up and ask them if they want to walk/run this race with you. And if this does not work out, you can always join a MeetUp running group or local group of your choice. But whatever you do, getting a partner is important and more fun!

2. Register for a Race

If you are going to complete a 5k race, you have to sign up for one. I suggest giving yourself at least 6-12 weeks to prepare for the 5k. The time frame depends on your fitness level. But more on that in tip #3. Now this is the fun part. There are SO MANY races from which you can choose. There are virtual races and live races. There are races that raise funds for causes and races with the goal to challenge you to complete. My first race, almost 15 years ago, supported a breast cancer awareness organization. Since then, I have run the annual Chick-fil-a 5k/10k, the Shamrock, a 10k race in Japan and Girls on the Run race. Find a race that you think would be fun and go for it! Check out ACTIVE for a list of beginner runner friendly races. And sign up today!

3. Start Training

Don't let these words scare you. I know they sound real hard core - START TRAINING! But it's not that bad at all. It's now time to implement a strategy that will aid you in reaching your goal. You already have a partner and you have registered. Now, lets get moving.

There are many Couch to 5k programs, as well as sites dedicated to curvy women who want to run. I love The ClubHouse. It was created by Julie Creffield as a haven for curvy women to get moving. They have a great 5 weeks to 5k plan. Women's Running magazine's First Finish 5k Plan is excellent and really builds your endurance. It's a 12 week plan that will have you running a solid 30 minutes by the end. There are many plans and variations of plans. ACTIVE also has a 10-week running plan for beginners.

What is most important to remember is JUST KEEP MOVING. With any workout plan, don't forget to consult your physician before beginning. Also remember a little is much over time. Pace yourself and remember the race is not given to the swift and that Size Healthy is your Goal!

Vida Bratton is the founder of

Healthy Curves Rock, a National

Movement of CURVYnistas who

are ready to live Healthy, Whole

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