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Curvy Girl Chronicles (TM) is a lifestyle blog for all girls with Curves, run by plus model and writer, Kristina Denise.  The Curvy Girl Chronicles bible has just 3 verses,

Everything on Curvy Girl Chronicles will tie into these ideals.  Yes, we’ll talk fashion, we’ll also talk love, pop culture, exercise, eating right and share motivation to help you be as pretty and happy on the inside as we all look on social media.


Curvy Girl Chronicles explores body confidence and healthy curves. We share  stories of body acceptance and self-love,  spotlight female entrepreneurs and encourage women to boldly proclaim love for their bodies with the hashtag #ForTheLoveOfCurves.


We’ll feature a Curvy Girl of the Month, oh and don’t miss our Curvy Girl Diary - real, raw and unscripted stories from the heart and minds of the Curvy Girl next door. If you like this you'll love our Android app, download now in the Google Play store. Coming  soon to the app store on Apple iTunes.


#ForTheLoveofCurves (TM) is about exuding Confidence. I hope you are exploring your dreams, loving yourself, being fearless, brushing your shoulders off to the haters, flipping your hair and being the Diva you know you are!


Anyone and everyone can live that Curvy Girl Life. I’m a plus size model and speak to the Curvy Community, that’s my perspective and area of expertise. Knowing how often plus size women are marginalized, Curvy Girl Chronicles will NOT perpetuate that pattern. So,  you can be thin, petite, tall, thick, voluptuous, slender; it doesn’t matter, Curvy Girl Chronicles is for you. Curvy Girl Chronicles - tell your story.

With peace, love and curves,


Kristina Denise

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