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From Blank Space to Blogging Brilliance is filled with practical, useful techniques and ideas to help you start and grow a successful blog. This book will teach you how to attract a loyal following, promote your blog like a pro, and write content that builds a community around your brand.  


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The Secret to Getting Ahead is Getting Started. When you purchase the book you receive a free discovery session with Vida Bratton, the Connection Queen and A 20% discount on your first class with her. Vida Bratton,  offers one on one social media and connection coaching sessions to help people fulfill their purpose and build their brand.







Blogging Brilliance will help you:


  • Create good blog karma, find your voice, and develop content readers will love 

  • Grow an online presence, nurture your community, and find your tribe 

  • Build confidence, maintain the right mindset, and reach your blog goals 

  • Monetize your blog through brand sponsorships, information products, advertisements, and more 

  • Gain media exposure, stand out in your niche, and take your message offline with public speaking and live events 


Co-Author KRistina Denise
















I'm  a writer, blogger, and part time plus model. I explore body confidence and healthy curves on, where I share my story of body acceptance and self-love, spotlight female entrepreneurs and encourage women to boldly proclaim love for their bodies using  the hashtag #ForTheLoveofCurves.  Believe it or not, finding the courage to get on the runway and pose as a plus model was easier than starting a blog!! That is until I discovered BLM Girls.  BLM is an acronym for Bloggers Like Me.  Being a part of BLM Girls is like having hundreds of  mentors cheering you on. 


I capture a bit of that spirit in my chapter You Finished the Book, Started Blogging, Now What?! In this closing chapter of Blogging Brilliance, I ask the  3 most popular questions new bloggers have.   Why wait until you experience a challenge, learn the tough questions and get advice on them now! 

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