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WCW "Curvy" Woman Crush of the Week!!

Forget Woman Crush Wednesday!!! Jill Scott is my Woman "Curvy" Crush of the Week.


Jill Scott is on the cover of Essence magazine looking all kinds of fabulous! She lost 63 lbs and is starring in the new James Brown biopic- "Get on Up."

I lost 34 lbs (gained a few back) but Ms. J-I-L-L - S-C-O-T-Teee-ee-ee has me pledging to hit the gym harder. She's looks like the epitome of Healthy Curves!

For all my Fashionistas, the dress Jill is wearing is made by Ekineyo, find it here. They also have a plus line, Ekineyo Curve, that goes up to a size 3XL.

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