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Chromat Wins New York Fashion Week as the MOST Diverse and Inclusive Show of AW 2018

Chromat Fall 2018 collection was all about fun and representation, they had models of all ages, sizes, races and abilities. Yes,  You read that correctly, abilities.

They had singer/songwriter  amputee, Viktoria Modesta, working the runway, your fave plus size models, like Sabina Karlsson and Denise Bidot ( well, they're my faves), including icon and veteran plus model, Emme. Cancer survivor Ericka Hart walked, proudly showing her mastectomy scars, a visual representation of her survival. Actress-model Carmen Carrera was also part of Chromat's super model team.

Chromat, is a swim- and athleticwear brand designed by Becca McCharen-Tran. Please note, Tran has long had a diverse line up of models and in 2018 Chromat is still an inclusivity leader, with transgender, plus size and differently abled models representing on their runway.  

The models ALL looked amazing in Chromat's bold, bright, cut out creations. Most importantly, they looked like they were having fun! 

Models walked with pool noodles and worked the runway eating Flaming  Hot Cheetos!! Who says models don't eat? Thats soooo 2001. In 2018 we are embracing body diversity in fashion...

Final -f$%king-ly.

I loved it, Chromat stole NYFW AW 2018 but don't take my word for it, see for yourself.

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