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I Just Discovered Automic Gold- Fine Jewelry line that offers rings up to size 16!

The average women's ring size ranges from size 3 to 9, with size 6 being the most popular. according to Blue Nile jewelry site. My ring size ranges between and 9 and 10, so imagine my joy of learning about a size inclusive fine jewelry line. Automic Gold is that jewelry line and the only one that goes up to size 16!

Yes, finally, those of us with plus size fingers, men and women, can participate in the multiple ring jewelry trend. Automic Gold also makes earrings, necklaces and other jewelry. Automic Gold knows that representation matters, they don't photoshop their models, they hire size-inclusive, non-cis and non-white models all year round, and everything is made in the U.S. A.

Their Instagram page clearly outlines their philosophy - "Queer owned - fine jewelry- Making fine jewelry inclusive and accessible. That means genderless, size-inclusive and diverse."

Check out their Instagram page to see their jewelry styles. You can also visit their website.

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