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Tess Munster says Eff Your Beauty Standards & Makes History Signing to Milk Model Management

Tess Munster is gorgeous, with thick flowing hair and looks other women would kill for. Think old Hollywood glam with a modern, no F$#ks given, edge. She also happens to be a size 22 and 5 feet 5 inches tall. Most plus size models are at least 5 feet 8 inches tall. How many times do you think this gorgeous girl heard the words NO?

tess munster 7.jpg

Luckily she didn't take No for an answer. Tess Munster, who goes by Tess Holiday on social media, has been a freelance model for years and created a booming brand. She travels internationally, has a a large following and created the hashtag #EffYourBeautyStandards, on Instagram (where she has over 300,000 followers) ,challenging traditional standards of beauty and giving a voice to women of ALL sizes. Quite revolutionary.

tess munster 5 retro_edited_edited.jpg

Well Ms. Holiday has done it again, breaking barriers as the first plus size model her size signed to a major modeling agency. Milk Model Management based in the UK. They announced a few days ago on Instagram, that they signed Tess Holiday, garnering much attention, over 2000 likes and they damn near broke the Internet! This is big, BIG (pun intended, I believe bigger is better anyways) so big Tess is speaking on several TV news shows including CNN.

tesss munster 4.jpg

I think she is a fabulous model, who knows her angles and is happy with her body, her fiance and her career. How positive and inspiring to show that beauty and talent comes in all shapes and sizes. You'll remember she was featured on my EveryBody is Flawless post a few months ago.

tess munster 6.jpg

As a freelance plus size model, I have my share of gigs but I hear no more than yes. However, I'm inspired by Tess' example to NEVER take NO for an answer and forge my own path.

I'll keep living that curvy girl life and proving that I AM Curvy & Confident.

Tess Munster 2.jpg

What are you thoughts, is this the start of a Curvy Revolution?

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