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Love Affirmation - YOU DESERVE - Day 1

For the Love of Curves. Each February the nation celebrates Valentine's Day and showing love for your significant other. This month I'm putting the focus on YOU! Show some love to your self. I'm providing daily affirmations to start your day, end your night and keep positivity in your life.

Day 1 FLC Affirmations.png

You yourself as much as anyone in the universe, deserve your love and affection.

So often we focus on others, how we can show someone we love them, take care of others and forget that we also deserve love, we deserve affection. We deserve to make ourselves as much as a priority that we make our boyfriend, girlfirned, lover, best friend kids, spouse, co -worker etc. On this 1st day of February, I will repeat this mantra to myself. I hopw you do the same. Oh and Show Love, Share with a Friend.

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