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Let's Stop Hiding the Pain & Heal

What are you doing April 1st?

One in four people will deal with a serious mental illness this year. Are you prepared to help a loved one in crisis?

I received an email about a month and a half ago asking me to participate in a new event on April 1, called Black Women Heal Day. The goal of this day is to increase mental health awareness, improve prevention efforts and inspire more women to go on a personal healing journey.

I have a few family members and friends who face mental health challenges, from Schizophrenia to depression, so mental wellness is extremely important to me. In fact one of the reasons I haven't posted as often lately, is because I've been busy with a new responsibility. I just joined the advisory board of Black Girls Smile Inc., a non profit dedicated to ensuring all young African American females receive the resources and support necessary to lead mentally healthy lives. We’re having a wellness brunch in July (expect more posts on that later).

Participating in the April 1st Black Women Heal day certainly matches with my passion and purpose.

I know my readers are diverse so I’m sure this post will touch, not just black women, but all women who need a mental health break.

Check out these tips to reduce anxiety.

If you would like to participate, we still need you! We are asking that women host small events, meet with friends or blog about this day. You can register here. You can also show your support by wearing a white flower in your hair on April 1st.

Get Help. Give Help

If you or a friend feel like you need help with depression or other mental illness check out these resources:

Black Pain: It Just Looks Like We're Not Hurting

Prayer Line April 1st 7:00 AM at 7:00 AM EST Dial in at 712-432-0075, Access code:128845#

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