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My Favorite Plus Size Active Wear Work Out Clothing

I highly recommend Lane Bryant's Livi-Active wear. I've been rocking Lane Bryant work out clothes in some variation for about a year and a half. Through a 35 lb weight loss, (yeah) to an 18lb weight gain, (uh oh) and now through my lastest 2 lb loss, (working on imy healthy curves) I love Lane Bryant's active wear.

If I never lost a pound I would still enjoy working out, Zumba and Yoga are my loves & I would do every work out in at least one piece of these amazing gym clothes. Check them out below.


The plus size active wear market is blowing up! See these archived posts for info on Plush Size Wear, and Just Curves, who both have a unique take on fashionably dressing your active curves.

Me in my evolution of a selfie, Selfie wearing all Lane Bryant - leggings, sports bra & shirt.

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