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Music Monday Motivation - Keep Summer Alive With this Playlist

Do you have a favorite soundtrack?

I don't mean movie soundtrack, I mean life soundtrack. Music is the soundtrack to our lives, certain songs take you back - oh, that was my first year in college, mmm; I fell in love when this album came out or oh!!!!! That song was the summer jam!

Words have power, put those words with a sick bass beat and music becomes an extremely powerful medium. This summer I've been hitting you with Music Mondays, motivational tracks to positively influence your week. Back to school ads are everywhere and the summer is almost at an end so I compiled a list of some fun summer songs. With this list you'll never have to say goodbye to summer.

I hit you with 90's classics then Whip it to 2015 with more infectious summer hits. (those are hints by the way.)

Enjoy this Summer Summer Summer time playlist! More hints! Lol

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