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The Secret to Body Confidence (Hint- It's on the Internet)


There have been studies saying that social media can amplify low self esteem and anxiety. Let's see there's FOMO - Fear Of Missing Out and the general feeling that with all these fab pics on social media, everyone is happy, with perfect bodies and selfies that catch the light just right. Note, most people post their highlight reel while you are dealing with your in real life, behind the scenes. In other words, the couple that posts their 10 thousandth, kissy face picture on an island getaway, don't tell you their marriage counselor suggested the trip.

However, there's one site, in my opnion, that does wonders for body confidence. The Secret to Body confidence - are you ready... , the secret is...

Instagram hashtags!! Searching a hashtag gives YOU the power to choose images YOU like that embrace YOUR standard of beauty. Well, I'm here for that! Here are 5 instagram hashtags encouraging us to love our bodies just as they are. I'm here for that!

Picture from @Loveyourlines instagram account

1. #FortheLoveofCurves – 500 + posts OK, OK I’m biased. I’m the founder of this hashtag that's associated with this blog. I encourage women to use this hash tag as an empowerment tool to show love for their bodies. All bodies are welcome. I’m the rookie of this hash tag group and only using the hash tag a couple of months but I’m growing. So, FortheLoveofCurves!! join us and start hash tagging today.

2. HonorMyCurves - 376,143

This was the first body positive hashtag I came in contact with when I joined Instagram a couple of years ago..Promoted by self proclaimed “ 6’1” Self Love Advocate @ HonorCurves “, who sometimes goes by Honorine. She had some self esteem issues and used Instagram to remind herself to honor her curves and love her body. She asked others to do the same and a movement was born. She even eventually begin writing for Skorch Magazine and sharing pictures from her #honormycurves hash tag in the magazine.

3. EffYourBeautyStandards -999,472 posts

Founded my plus model Tess Holliday, the first size 22 plus size model to sign to a major modeling agency. The message on this hashtag couldn’t be any clearer; you can take your beauty standards and shove ‘em! The IG is @effyourbeautystandards, founded by Tess and “run by 6 body positive babes.”

4. Big Beautiful Black Girls – 31,075 posts

Run by blogger Ashlee Hinds, founder of

This hashtag shows body positive, fashion forward black women with an emphasis on bloggers. She has grown quite a following in a short period of time.

Honorable Mention - @chubster

Not a hash tag but @chubstr on Instagram is an account I want to point out.

This body confidence instagram page is a little different but equally important. It’s a body positive site for big, handsome men. With over 3000 followers and a website I’d say this group is needed and there is room for men in the body positivity wave. I love that men are not left out of this body confidence movement.

5. #loveyourlines 12,006 posts

Picture from @Loveyourlines instagram account

This is truly a unique body positive hash tag. @loveyourlines was founded by 2 moms who wanted to celebrate real bodies with self-love. The love your lines hash tag asks women to show their stretch marks. Yes, stretch marks which are not generally considered beautiful. #loveyourlines asks us to reevaluate this notion. Why aren’t stretch marks appreciated, many of them come from hard work, carrying a baby or pushing your body to the limit athletically.

This is a very artistic page and although the majority of the stretch marks shown are from women who have had a child, there are other stories shared. Women’s whose lines are hereditary or women learning to love lines that aren’t even stretch marks ,like wrinkles on your face. I cried reading this hashtag, thinking about my own lines and how I can embrace loving them more.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to body confidence hash tags. I hope you check them out and feel confident and positive about curvier bodies, especially your own!

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