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The Boss Chick's Guide to Fall Car Care - 5 Tips that Could Save Your Life (or at least your eng

As the weather changes, we focus on changing our clothes for the season, but if you're a car owner, don't forget to take care of your car too.

October is Fall Car Care Month - yes, in addition to pumpkin space lattes and Halloween, October is a great time to check on the health of your car. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, the leading cause of mechanical breakdown on our nation’s highway is overheating. Stay safe. Don't let that be you!

Toyota partnered with automotive industry expert Jeff Fortson to provide tips for effective car maintenance as the season shifts. They shared these tips, and some pretty amazing car tool kits, (more on that later) with me. Don't wait for winter to prep your car for travel. Start now!

Here are 5 Fall Car Care Tips to prepare you for the winter.

1. Listen. Pay attention to every sputter, clang from the engine, squealing tires and grinding brakes; your car might indicate it’s time for a check-up. At that point, get your vehicle inspected promptly.

2. Check. As temperatures begin to fluctuate, it’s essential to have your heating/cooling system checked in order to avoid any discomfort while you are driving. Improper maintenance for your heating/cooling system is one of the primary causes of vehicles overheating and breaking down.

3. Change. Replace the essentials -- your oil and filters at the recommended schedule. Also make sure to inspect your air, fuel and transmission filters.

4. Power up! Make sure that your battery is fully functional. Have the battery checked and replaced as needed. Stock jumper cables in case you ever get stranded by a dead battery.

5. See the experts. Go to your local dealership. They are required to provide official automotive training for their technicians, which means your vehicle will be repaired by experts. If your repairs fall under the manufacturer’s warranty, you will also be able to receive a discount on maintenance and repairs.


Are you a Boss? Bosses take care of their own.

Do you have a first aid kit, tools, a jumper cable in your car?

If not, no problem. Thanks to Toyota, I've got 2 kits to give away.

I have zero mechanic experience but this kit makes me feel like I can take an engine apart and put it back together, better than ever! OK, that's an exaggeration but seriously, guys, this kit has just about everything, first aid kit, wire cutters, a set of wrenches, various tools, and those silver round things that hold your tire in. lol Again, I'm no mechanic but I know this kit might just save me time, car maintenance and keep me safe on the road..

Follow me on Instagram and comment on my IG post to be entered for a chance to win a car kit of your own. If you don't need one, it makes a handy Christmas gift for a loved one who is into cars​. This is win win!

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