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Here's How to Download Curly Hair Emojis That Look Just Like You!

If you follow my Instagram you know I LOVE MY CURLS! So, I'm ecstatic to introduce you to Dove's Love Your Curls Emoji's.

This is an extenstion of Dove Hair’s Love Your Curls mission,. This is a Global launch with a purpose – to help women and girls embrace and love their curls by ensuring they see accurate reflections of their hair in their everyday lives.


Now we know curly, kinky, wavy is nothing new to people of color who have been embracing their curls for ages. I appreciate Dove recognizing the diversity in all of us and I give accolades to communities of color who have been reppin the curly kinky hair LOVE forever!

The Dove Love Your Curls emojis can be downloaded from the Google Play and Apple App Store for FREE! SHOW YOUR CURLY PRIDE by sharing thise adorable emoji stickers.

Thanks Dove!

Want to talk about iot. Twitter chat at 1pm today!

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