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The Hidden World of Black Pin Ups REVEALED in an interview with Candace Michelle

So in My Secret life as a Pin Up post, I promised you the full interview with Candace Michelle, founder and editor of See Candace holds the keys to the world of black pin ups. I was lucky enough to be published in her magazine

I discovered Candace when I was looking for images of black pin ups from the 1950's, not easy to find! Candace has become an expert on the topic of pinups of color and she chatted with me about her role in promoting this beautiful art form, her inspirations and what to expect next from her.

Check out the interview from this lovely lady below:

Where do you get your love for pin up?

I've always liked old things , loved history. I remember when I first got into Marilyn Monroe, love her, I loved Dorthy Dandridge. When I look at history, I didn't see the black models. That's when I started the page.

For people who want to know more about black pin ups, where can they look?

There is a book about to be launched, The

Secret History of Black Pin Ups, by Jim Linderman.

( RESEARCH SIDE NOTE- from me, Kristina, I did some research it looks like Jim Linderman released a version of this book in 2012 but it is difficult to find now, probably the reason it is being re- launched. I did find a copy of the e-book on Google. Apparently the book is about black pin ups, from pin up to porn and Linderman covers not just the photos but the history behind the pin up scene and some of the racism the pin ups of color faced. OK - back to our regulary scheduled interview. )

How often do you release issues?

A new issue drops every other month but all issues are still available on the site Even the very first issue is up for purchase online and in print.

Each Black Pin Up issue has a different theme. I'm excited to be featured in Issue 10 - the boudoir issue. How do you determine themes and submissions?

Well, since I started the publication I've became a hermit, sometimes I work on two issues at a time. It's a Sunday through Sunday job.

I watch a lot of movies and get ideas from them and Instagram pictures.

What is your favorite issue so far?

My favorite pin up issue so far, is the boudoir issue because I came up with the concept, directed the photo shoot, choose the models and photographer. The other is the 8th issue - I love the way it looks, it's so cute and fun.

How long have you worked on your Black Pin Ups magazine?

The Facebook page started January 12, 2012 so I scheduled the first magazine for sale on the magazine's 2nd birthday January 12, 2014 but there was such a demand during pre-sale, I released it early in December 2013.

In your opinion what makes black pin ups so special?

Because we just don't know about it, we are so accustomed to seeing white pins up, Betty Grable, Bettie Page etc, we forget there are black pins up, Ebony had them and Jet!

What are other resources out there about black pin ups?

Pin up photos? Art or just fun?

It's both, so people get very artistic and a lot of girls do it for fun. Once I started seeing the images I said I wanted to do it too.

Founder and Editor of Candace Michelle

What else do you want people to know about your brand?

I've expanded from black pin ups to pin ups of color, I have a calendar for both, a separate instagram page and I"m starting a pinups of color website. Pin ups of color features many different ethnicities.

What advice would you give to people who want to be in your magazine? Are there size restrictions?

Go for it!! Have fun! We have diverse bodies featured, from thin to size 24 models to models with tattoos.

Where can people find you?

Believe it or not, Las Vegas ! I was offered a booth in a car show at Viva Las Vegas, April 14 - 17, 2016. Of course you can reach me on Instagram and Facebook @blackpinupmodels and check out my sites . You can check out Pin Ups of Color on Instagram as @pinupsofcolor and Facebook- Pin Ups of Color.

Candace, thanks for your time and for your contribution to showcasing the beauty of women of color. I certainly am eager to see more from you and your brand!

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