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Meet Our January Curvy Girl of the Month: LaTanya Ward Showers

It's 2016, time for new goals, new ideas and yes a new Curvy Girl of the Month! As you know I frequently interview powerful entrepreneurs who are embracing the For the Love of Curves mantra.

Our January Curvy Girl of the Month is LaTanya Ward Showers, a children's author, plus size model and body positive advocate. This Texas native enjoys celebrating diversity and sharing relatable stories in all aspects of her writing and contributions.

I'll let her tell you about it, in her own words:

HEY! I’m LaTanya! I am a plus size model, author of children’s books, and show host of On The Curve with Style Lush TV focusing on plus size

fashion, news, and style tips. I am inspired to share my imagination and creative spirit through writing and body positive advocacy. I divide my time/talent between writing, inspirational speaking, style contributions, and hosting. Basically, if it involves encouraging, empowering, and celebrating diversity I write it, speak about it, and wear it!

Could It Be a Monster in the Attic? or is that just your favorite children's book?

Check out my children’s books Could It Be A Monster In The Attic? and Layla

Loves Cookies . You can learn more and purchase here.

On the Curve with Body Positivity

Check out my most recent blogs and episodes of On The Curve with Style

Lush TV at:

How are you embracing the #FortheLoveofCurves mantra ?

I embrace #FortheLoveof Curves and live life with a “not right now” mentality, something I learned from my then three year old about not letting the word “no” stop me from pursuing what I set out to accomplish!

Where can people find you or your products?

Receive a FREE e-book of Layla Loves Cookies by following me @latanyashowers on

Instagram and Twitter. Hashtag a photo of your favorite sweet treat with

Stay connected for upcoming features, book signings and info on plus size fashion by following me here.

Please tell us the inspiration behind your TV channel?

The mastermind behind On The Curve is actually Burgundy Woods and she is the

owner of Style Lush TV. Although I have been front and center as a plus size model

and inspirational speaker I found I was a lot more comfortable behind the

scenes, being on camera takes a lot of practice and patience! Before I started as a

show host of On The Curve I was blogging and covering events behind the scenes,

never stepping in front of the camera and I’ve also freelanced for several

magazine publications, such as Bronze, Goddess, and Full Blossom.

Burgundy had an idea to take what I was writing and blogging about in plus size fashion, news, and style tips and make it something bigger but allow me creative direction. The best part about the show is I can relate to my audience and I cover a lot of topics involving plus size fashion that impact me and my followers really seem to appreciate that.

Speaking to a crowd and stepping in front of the camera to host are two totally different experiences (for me), but no matter what, I think my love and enthusiasm for plus size fashion comes across!

Do you want to know more about LaTanya!? She and I will co-host a Twitter chat Tuesday, January 26, 7:15 p.m - 8:00 p.m EST, so mark your calendars and Tweet Up with us.


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