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5 Ways to Turn Your Snow Day Into a Productive Day

OK, East Coast , if you're like me you're are knee deep in SNOW!! Winter Storm Jonas, yes, that's the storm's official name, turned into Blizzard Jonas and has turned much of the East Coast from Virginia to the Jersey Shore into a winter wonderland.

So, what do you do when the State declares a Snow Emergency, the stores are closed, you can't drive, public transportation is down and you have a WHOLE lot of time on on your hands. Well if you're not snowed in and BAEd up here are some productive ways to spend those snowed in hours.

1. Read a book - Are you looking to learn a new skill, read a book, e-book or paper it doesn't matter, just get the knowledge you need.

2. Take an online class - There are several webinars and Udemy courses you can take to learn everything from social media management, to graphics.

3. Plan your next move - you know how you never have time to develop that big idea or apply for that new job. Well know you have hours, use them wisely.

4. RELAX - yes take some time for you. We are on a constant hustle, rushing to work, or school or with kids. Take these hours snowed in to just breathe, do some yoga or take a hot bath or drink a glass of wine.

5. Get organized - Now is the perfect time to write down that five year plan or tackle those files you've been avoiding or that closet you need to organize.

What do you do to keep from going stir crazy when you're snowed in? Tell me in the comments

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