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Ron Clark, his Students and the Ron Clark Academy WIN the 'Bet You Can't Do It Like Me'

This video went viral and for good reason!! Principal Ron Clark, of the Ron Clark Academy, takes on DLOW's Bet You Can't Do It like me challenge and he and the kids ROCK IT!

As cute as the video is, and trust me, it's adorable, the real winners are the kids who attend the Ron Clark Academy. See, Ron Clark is a teacher turned principal who came up with innovative ways to teach his kids, using chants, raps, songs and yes dance! You may remember the 2006 made for TV movie , The Ron Clark story, starring Matthew Perry, or have seen his appearances on Oprah.

Clark is a Global Teacher's Prize finalist so it's not all singing and dancing, he is teaching kids and getting them to the next level. He has the stats to back it up with an amazing record on standardized test scores and an impressive amount of scholarships to premiere high schools for his students.

Check our Ron Clark's Facebook page for more videos. Personally , I love this Geometry is Killer hot vid.


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