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Diet-to-Go Review: Is this a Go or a No?

I was looking at my blog analytics and I see that you guys really enjoyed my Fit Girls Guide posts, where I reviewed a 28 day healthy eating plan. Those are some of my highest rated posts. You've got to give the people what they want. So, I have more healthy curves reviews coming up. Starting with Diet-to-Go!

diet to go, waffle breakfast

Yeah, I know, body positive, curvy blogger here, try a diet to go! Lol Don't let the name fool you, it's basically a subscription meal service, that strives to make healthy eating easier. Diet-to-Go provided me with a few meals for the purpose of this review. My taste buds and opinions are all my own.

I tried it for 4 days. Here's my take:

What I Loved

  • It takes the guess work out of healthy eating. You choose from 4 menu types, low-carb, vegetarian, balance or balance diabetes menus. For the 4 days I was on this plan, all I had to do was go home, take my meal out of the fridge, pop it in the microwave and bam! Dinner was served.

  • It comes with tips on how to best warm up the meal.

  • Each meal has calorie and nutrition information on the label.

  • Here's the best part - The food was good! I didn't know what to expect but I enjoyed the meal, from juicy short ribs to apple pancakes. Yes, you get pancakes, syrup included!


  • For this trial run I could choose a type of plan but not specific food, so one of the meals was tuna, I don't eat tuna, so guess what is still sitting in my fridge. However, for customers who sign up for the plan, they actually DO pick their food...meal by meal, at no additional charge.

  • At times I wanted to supplement with other food. For someone who cooks very little, I surprisingly missed it.

  • Luckily Diet-to-go provides a handy tip sheet on healthy snacks you can get on your own to supplement the meals they provide.

Now, the big question, it is a Diet to Go, did you lose any weight? With only four days on the plan, no I did not, but I didn't gain either. Also, I look at the word diet not as a quick weight loss gimmick but as a lifestyle change, Diet-to-go is providing alternatives to what you habitually eat.

Diet to go, healthy eating

So, how much will this cost me?

7 days Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner $173.99 per week

5 day Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner $137.99 per week

5 days lunch & dinner $117.59 per week

Then there could be shipping fee depending on where you're located, which is $19.98 per week.

Visit the Diet-to-Go site for more on pricing.

They are having Memorial Day sale, you can save 20% on meal plans today!

To really see if Diet-to-Go can help you with your healthy eating goals, you'll have to check it out for yourself. Please come back and comment on this post if you do.

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