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How to Have the Confidence of a Runway Model in 5 Easy Steps

Remember the only person you are in competition with is yourself, not your neighbor, your friend, or the four hundred people you follow on Instagram and Twitter. Each day just try to be better than YOU were the day before.

  1. Know your body, flaunt it. Models are very aware of their bodies. All models must know at a minimum their current bust, waist and hip measurements. Take a page from the model book and get to know your body. Wear clothes that accentuate your positives, be it curves or long legs. Don’t be afraid to show it. Flaunt it!

  2. Have an impossible is nothing attitude.Have you seen some of the things models must wear down the runway! Can we say twelve inch shoes & constricting clothes! The model’s attitude is - I’m going to wear it and make it work. Take this attitude toward obstacles in your life too.

  3. Hold your head high. At the end of the runway, models have their heads up, a direct gaze at the camera and confidence in their eyes. Practice this, shoulders back, head up, SMIZE, (Smiling with your eyes) it immediately exudes confidence, even if you aren’t immediately feeling it.

  4. Fall down six times, get up seven. We’ve all seen at least one model tumble on the runway, but just like the runway, in life if you fall down, whatever you do, Don’t Stay There! There’s a great vid of Naomi Campbell (the original runway slayer) falling on the runway, she laughs and gets up and continues to slay. She even received a few endorsement deals and the fall was used in their advertisements. In life we have to accept falling, accept mistakes, but … leave them in the past and keep moving forward, just like the best of the runway divas.

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