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It’s My Body, I Can Do What I Want To - Including LOVE IT!

Its summertime , we’re showing more skin and thinking about swimsuit ready bodies, so

July on Curvy Girl Chronicles is all about the Body!

First up - Have you discovered Carol Rossetti yet? As soon as I saw her inspiring drawings on womanhood and body empowerment, I knew I had to share this discovery.

Carol Rosetti Jane lose weight no.jpg

Carol Rossetti is a graphic designer from Brazil who started posting her female centric art work on Facebook. Well, clearly women were starving for what she was serving because her images are blowing up on social media! I can’t scroll though Facebook, Instagram or Twitter without seeing one of these pictures on my time line.

Her art shows diversity in ethnicity, age, and disability; she encourages women to be proud of their bodies and differences. She started writing in her native Portuguese, now you can find her images translated into English, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Hebrew!! Proof that women all over the world are ready to be empowered and LOVE their bodies. You can check out more of her work on her Tumblr and Facebook pages.

Start your own movement – comment below, post your fav Carol Rossetti picture on Social Media, and share this post to share the body love!

Carol Rosetti lorena wheelchair.jpg
Carol Rosetti Samantha blue.jpg

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