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ESPN Body Issue 2014 - Nude Athletes - Positive Media Image or No?

Every year ESPN does a Body Issue. Nude photos of athletes, not just any photos; athletes are shown in poses of grace and strength. It's a celebration of the human form. This year I find it especially positive because of the diversity they show.

They profile men and women, from all over sports, football, skiing, soccer, baseball and more. ESPN shares the love by having several covers. Two caught my eye, Venus Williams, whose body is thick, not the average waif model. (Score for the curvy girls!) And Prince Fielder, a baseball player.

I love his cover because he isn't the typical chiseled athlete with 6 pack abs. He has a strong, thick frame and a bit of a stomach, (it's true!) but he looks great! As a professional athlete you know his body is strong and capable of withstanding the grueling baseball schedule. Definitely deserving of a cover in my opinion.

We forget, it’s not only women who are held to a beauty standard, men are too and some would say Prince doesn't meet it. They're wrong! He's adorable and check out his behind the scenes video on ESPN, he's sexy too!

Comment below and tell us which is your favorite cover.

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