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Sexy At Every Curve Contest - Last Day to Enter

SwimsuitsforAll has a #SexyAtEveryCurveContest. It ends today 8/27/14.Not too late for you to get in on the action. Just post your fav swimsuit picture on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. #SexyAtEveryCurveContest and tag @Swimsuitsforall.


I know you might be shy about posting swimsuit pics on the net but this is about spreading Body Confidence. You might encourage someone else. I'm not just preaching; I posted and entered the contest too - twice. See below for one of my entries. Post yours today and #KillemWithConfidence.

9b6lMj kd denise swim sw.png

Ironically, this swimsuit is from H&M.

My second entry was a SwimsuitsforAll retro high waisted bikini.

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