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#Act4MentalHealth and Support a Fabulous Charity Fashion Show - September 20th

Today September, 4, 2014 is National Day of Action for NAMI, the National Alliance for Mental Illness. #Act4MentalHealth. In support of the this day of action, I'm sharing info on a charity fashion show in Washington, DC organized by Brewery Radio. The show is September 20 at Park at 14th and portions of the proceeds will go to NAMI DC.

I'm participating in the show as a model and blogger. This is a very dear charity to me because I have family members and friends living with; I should say, successfully, abundantly, and triumphantly living with mental illness. Mental illnesses can affect persons of any age, race, religion or income, so I know I'm not the only one with friends or family affected.

Unfortunately the stigma against mental illness is great. Support from organizations like NAMI can be the key to recovery for many individuals. Someone recently told me the story of a woman with mental illness who has very little support from her family. The family is so ashamed of her she isn't allowed over the house unless she calls first. Oh, and when does come to the house, she has to walk through the back door! The BACK DOOR, so no one can see her enter.

This type of stigma is wrong and needs to stop, so I stand up for organizations and groups that work to erase stigma and support those with mental illness. Please stand with me and attend the fashion show, Slayed: Mentally Stable, Fashionably Sick on September 20th. Get tickets here. They are just $25.00, early bird tickets are $20.

Want to Know More

See below for Part I of my Q & A with the two enterprising activists who are organizing this show and learn what inspired them.

Who is Brewery Radio?

Chandelle aka Chi-Chi The Vixen and LaDawn aka CheekyTatted. We air every sunday at 9pm on Brewery Radio is a controversial radio show that was created by two opinionated and raw females. Cheeky is from Petersburg-Chester, VA area. I am from the Bronx, NY but the brewery radio show is based out of Richmond, VA. We discuss trending topics and like to stir the pot "brewing" up all kinds of trouble.

10570440_719137198139906_680293750242906369_n slayed show.jpg

Why a charity fashion show and why this charity, NAMI?

As two women with strong family values and a desire for change, we thought it was only natural to do something that will benefit the community. In recent months there have been tragedies and incidences that have touched both of us pertaining to mental illness in some way. Cheeky had someone close to her take her own life due to severe depression. I have a friend whose son was diagnosed with Bipolar Schizophrenia and often cuts himself. Fashion is a passion for both of us, so why not combine a good cause with something we love???!!! So a fashion show was born...

What can we expect from the show and why should people show up?

You can expect something completely different from any other runway show you've attended. We are not only providing a simple runway show, we are providing an experience. Who ever heard of a two floor fashion show? We have some surprises lined up...we don't do anything ordinary. Along with models hitting the runway, we have performers hitting the will definitely stay entertained for the full two hours of the show. Then you can get loose and turn up for our after party!!!!

Everybody make sure you tune in to our show every Sunday at 9 pm. The website is, we also have a website at You can find us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

IG: @cheekytatted @chichithevixen

FB: The Brewery Radio

Twitter: @chichithevixen @cheekytatted

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