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The New Nude is Nubian Skin

Think Nude (no not Naked honey) think nude as in a color. You're probably thinking of the color beige or a light, light, light tan. It's hard to find nude options for women of color. But not anymore!!

NS chair.jpg

Enter Nubian Skin.


A Different Kind of Nude. A brand new UK based lingerie and hosiery line has come up with shades that will fit sumptuous brown sugar, cinnamon kiss, deep berry, and rich chocolate skin tones. The founders of Nubian Skin created a line of bras, panties and hosiery that offers nude shades for every woman of color. Great idea! Wonder why someone just thought of it?! Need a nude bra to wear under that sexy white dress? Now you have options beyond just black!

NS bras floral.jpg

You can't buy just yet. Their e-commerce site

will be up October 2014. Sign up here to be notified when Nubian Skin goes live.

Facts about the Nubian Skin line

  • Bra sizes currently only go from 30B to 36DD/E. I asked the Founder of the line about options for curvier girls and she said, " The plus size market is incredibly important, but it does take a lot of expertise to create products that are fit for purpose AND look beautiful. We are really hoping we have a successful launch, so that we can invest profits into creating beautiful plus size versions of our bras at a very high quality."

  • The panty rage goes up to an XL.

  • They have 4 skin tone ranges and as a handy tip to find your range, they've matched them with foundation shades from some of your favorite brands such as Mac , Iman , Bobbi Brown,Yves Saint Laurent.

Hmmm, Clever girls, very clever. Now let's just get those curvy sizes in for all of my voluptous divas! For more info, check out the Nubian Skin FAQ page. You can also follow Nubian Skin on IG and Twitter, @nubianskin.

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