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Wanna' Get Fit With Me? Fit Girl's Guide Recap - Week 2

I just completed week 2 of the Fit Girls guide and as promised I'm checking in with a recap.

First for a review - Fit Girls Guide is a 28 day jump start program, IG contest and all around motivating ebook to help with clean eating, weight loss and healthy curves . I posted my Week 1 recap on September 30. See it here.

I made a few predictions, one of which was that I would pass out from Chick -fil-A withdrawal. Happy to say that hasn't happened! Although a friend did call me and tell me she was craving Chick-Fil-A's half in half, half sweet tea and half lemonade. I was seriously on the phone doing the Kim Kardashian cry face, like "I didn't even know that was an option! Why didn't I know that was an option!

KK cry.gif

On the Fit Girls Guide Instagram page, I saw some people posted mid-challenge pics and lost 6 or more lbs, looks like I lost drumroll please... 2! 2lbs? Whats up with that? However, the ebook makes an important point "The Challenge is all about helping you build habits that will lead to a lasting Fit Girl life." Doing this challenge for 28 days will make healthier living a habit. I'm already winning because I'm eating healther, cleaner, AND cooking more!

Week 2 Recap

  1. I learned I make a mean shrimp and grits. (yes , grits was a substitue for polenta on the Week 2 menu)

  2. I need to be more dilgent with my exercise schedule. This book has a DIY (Do It Yourself) workout plan so even if you can't get to the gym, you can work out at home. I need to take advantage of those home sessions!

  3. Date night can jack up a healthy eating schedule (turn down dates or crab stuffed shrimp -ummm NO!) However, I can make up for that by not letting cheat meals, turn into cheat days or cheat weeks.

  4. I had a great leg day! I used leg press for the first time in a long time and liked the results.

  5. I made my Goal heart!! It ain't fancy but the goals are written down and that means I'm more likely to achieve them.

My predictions

1-1050x758 fit girls guide.jpg

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