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Fitness Friday Tip - No Gym, No Fancy Equipment? NO PROBLEM!

This is our Fitness Friday Tip from Tomboy Princess, written by guest blogger, Jean. I introduced you to Tomboy Fitness founder, Jean Walker in last Friday's post.

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No Gym, No Fancy Equipment? NO PROBLEM!

This is the most freeing thing to learn when it comes to fitness. You don’t need gym memberships, the latest DVD set, or state-of-the-art machines. Yes, those things have their place and if your goals increase outside of basic health goals, you may consider gym membership, hiring a trainer, etc. However, for most of us, having all the perks really isn’t necessary.

Start with what you have. Be creative. Think about things you already like to do, or things you enjoyed in the past. Do you love music? Did you go clubbin’ back in the day? Turn the radio on, make some Pandora stations, and get busy in your living room. Turn it up & bust-a-move. Or, go for a walk. Just being outside is a mood lifter, so it’s a win-win. You could also make it a family thing and play dodge ball, kick ball, basketball… anything. Discover the activity you really like doing and do more of that (as long as it’s not sitting on your rump)!

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Thanks Tomboy Princess - Sounds like good advice to me! Remember EVERY Friday in October is FITNESS FRIDAY on Curvy Girl Chronicles, and Tomboy Princess will give us some healthy curves tips.

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