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Wanna' Get Fit With Me? Fit Girls Guide - Week 3

Fit Girls Guide Recap


Week 3 Recap

OK, so today is the week 3 recap for the Fit Girls Guide.

Fit Girls Guide is a 28 Day Jumpstart of clean eating, DIY exercise tips and meal plans. It's an affordable e-book $24.99 written in a fun , tongue 'n chic way (see what I did there), as if your BFF was giving you fitness and healthy eating advice. See my previous posts for more info Week 1, Week 2.

So Week 3 I wasn't as focused as I was weeks 1 and 2. Mainly because I had a lot of events. Normally I 'm sitting at home, phone dry as the Sahara, lol, but this last week I had 3 birthday dinners (all for the same person) and dates (flutters MAC eyelashes #7) and just was active socially so I didn't get in my 6 days a week work out, I worked out 3x week 3..

What I did well, I have stopped going to Chick-Fil-A after all of my work outs ! Yes, this happened, I worked out late and would get out of the gym at like 9:50pm and the closest thing that’s edible and open at that time is Chick-Fil-A. Well that's one habit gone. I've broken that habit. Thanks Fit Girls Guide!

I did drink more water and I discovered a fun spinach egg wrap for breakfast, it involves one of my fav foods…Feta cheese, so I was a happy girl each morning.

I also discovered the wonders of creamed honey and I absolutely love coming home to food in the fridge. Before this guide I usually ate out and never really had a full fridge, no longer a problem.


What I love about this guide is they don't pressure you too much. And they seem to be mind readers. I was feeling a little off center about not being as dedicated in week 3 then I get an email from who else - my Fit Girls Guide BFF's telling me they are doing this all over in October and I could follow the plan again starting October 27. Win! Just what I needed to hear. Redemption for Week 3.


My predictions

  • Even more water consumption

  • I will be more dedicated to exercise (already happening, I had a mean leg workout yesterday, I still feel it now)

  • I'll probably be a part of the October 27 challenge too. Join me!

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