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Fitness Friday - How to Forgive Yourself if you Cheat (Oh & Happy Halloween)

It's Fitness Friday!

Each Friday in October, it was my pleasure to share a guest blog post from, Jean Walker, Co-Founder of Tomboy Princess., a work out apparel line. This is the last one and probably my favorite message:

Forgive Yourself

TMBOY Prin CGC.jpg

You’re human! There are going to be times when you slip up & fall short of what you intended to do in regards to your health & fitness goals. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Acknowledge the problem, assess the situation, and figure out how you could have handled it better. Then, keep moving toward your goal(s). We’re not perfect. It’s just not how we’re made. But, don’t use that as an excuse.

For instance, today’s Halloween. Any chance you’ll be going through children’s candy, taking a piece here or there? If you can do it moderately, that’s great! If; however, you go overboard (which can happen easily), don’t let it ruin your night. Don’t get stuck in the candy coma. It happened. It’s over. Now what???

squat t shirt_edited.jpg

You get right back on track. It won’t always feel good and you may have to fight hard, but it can be done. The worst thing you could do is give up completely. Every second allows for a new choice, a new start. You can change an outcome second-by-second. Slipped up? Didn’t meet your weekly goal? Ate too much? Forgive yourself and do better next time. You’ve got this!

Thanks Jean, great message for everday and especially relevant today! Happy Halloween everyone, from my alter ego... The Queen of Hearts!

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