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THIS is How you Break the Internet - according to Solange Knowles

Solange Knowles (28) married video director Alan Ferguson (51) this weekend in a New Orleans ceremony straight from the pages of Vogue. No, seriously, Vogue covered it in a Vogue Exclusive, you can see the photos by photographer Rog Walker here.

solange wedding party.jpg

Here's a quote from the Vogue piece " schewing the traditional stretch limo, Knowles arrived at the ceremony in the Bywater district of the city on a white-painted bicycle decorated with cream roses and wearing an ivory-toned look by Stephane Rolland (note to modern brides, a jumpsuit won’t get caught in the spokes)."

solange wedding bike.jpg

Solange looks like a beautiful, Naturalista Queen. She was a lovely bride. I love the pantsuit with the open back, the simple, understated yet fashionable all white affair & I think she just declared herself queen of the capes!

So 2 celeb posts this week, unusual for Curvy Girl Chronicles but I can't talk about breaking the Internet wihtout bringing up Solange's pictures. This garnered just as much attention as Kim Kardashian's nude pics (see my last post) but in an entirely different fashion and for a different reason. Many articles, post and comments are popping up about how Solange broke the Internet. She looks to be living life to the fullest, in other words she's also living That Curvy Girl Life.

solange dress.jpg

Solange broke so many wedding rules, "only the bride wears white, don't see the groom before the wedding" AND she showed the world how you really Break the Internet. I love it!

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