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3 Confidence Lessons in Beyonce's 7/11 Video!

Beyoncé just dropped a new single 7/11 off of her Beyoncé Platinum edition album. The song works with these fun, irreverent visuals. I think it especially works for those in the body confidence movement.

3 Confidence Lessons in Beyonce's 7/11 video.

1. Beyonce effortlessy, naturally and yes Flawlessly flaunts her curvess.

She looks natural, and for most of the video she's in panties and a sweatshirt, just relaxing , rocking a look I often rock at home. She looks confident, barefoot, or clad in socks. This isn't teetering on high heels, video girl of the month look. It says natural is sexy too. It's not aspirational as much as it's attainable. We can all look like Beyonce. No really, you can. That Cake by the Pound shirt she has on in the vid, can be found on $65.00. Santa are you listening?


2. I'm Fresher Than You

I'm calling it, this is the new 2015 Flawless anthem. Instead of "I woke up like this" people will hashtag #fresherthanYou. And why not?! Many people are held back because they don't have confidence. Lesson # 2 you, yes YOU are fresher than the next kid, so go for it, whatever IT is in your life.

2. Girls tear each other down, WOMEN support each other

OK, they're literally supporting each other on a pyramid! lol Seriously though, the video vibe is that of women enjoying each other's company, having fun, no beef. This isn't catty, it's fun, no competition, everyone chilling. If life and quite frankly social media, was only as supportive...

I LOVE this video. I'm probably responsible for like half the views. The only thing that could have made this better for me is if fashion blogger and plus size advocate Gabbi Fresh rolled through the video in Skittles roller skates in her Beyonce Blow inspired costume.


Outfit details are on her blog

pastel socks.jpg

So, raise your hand if like me, you're ready to get some underoos, pastel socks, and cute sweatshirts to recreate this vid! @sissi_cinco I KNOW your hand is raised. lol

To me this video is not to be taken too seriously, it's just for fun. It's a place where every day is Christmas, every woman looks flawless in underoos and you can laugh, joke, roll around, even fall on your face in front of your friends and nobody cares.

Well... I Know YOU Care!

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