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The Great Big Sexy Book of Curves - You Know You Want It

If you read one book in 2015, make it this one.

art book 2 girls.jpg

Here’s a big Eff you to beauty standards. Photographer - Victoria Janashvili is creating a big book or curves, yes you heard that right. The book, is simply called, CURVES and is an art photography book of curvy, plus size women! The images so far are just stunning! In the preview images Janashvili beautifully presents plus size models,and curves of all sizes shapes. Do I see a tummy? like an actual fashion image of a woman with a stomach and abs that aren't flat?Sooo, I'm not the only one has one of those? lol Refreshingly shocking. Check out the kickstarter campaign.

Janashvili has worked in the fashion industry for nearly a decade, and photographed spreads in GQ, Maxim, Esquire and Cosmopolitan, she’s also appeared on the pages of the New York Times. She sees the industry slowly starting to embrace different standards of beauty and she hopes this book pushes that forward progress along.


She’s raising funds via kickstarter, the images she has so far are STUNNING!! Now that’s what I call Killing them with confidence.

In her own words

“We like booty. We like your booty. We like curves and boobs and hips and bodies. We love bodies. We love women’s bodies, whether they are skinny, full, flat, athletic, old, young, black, brown, white….but not everybody does... Because not everybody knows how beautiful bodies truly are!”


I’m totally down for a book that celebrates Curves and will definitely donate to the kickstarter campaign - as of this posting just 21 Days to go.

I'm inspired and I know one day I'll have the courage to bare all in a tasteful, beautiful photoshoot. What do you think of these images and would you be bold enough to do these shots? Comment below & share your opinion.

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