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Now THIS is how you Love Your Body - the Video that will Change Your Life!

Now THIS is how you Love Your Body

95 % of the time I love every inch of my body but occasionally, and we all have these moments, occasionally, I’ll complain about a body part. Example, my left calf is bigger than my right calf (it really is by the way) or speaking of calf muscles, mine are too big I can never find a decent pair of calf boots!

I love my thighs but maybe they can go down a size. These are the things I fuss about or sometimes critique in the mirror. We all do it but once in a while you run come across someone who puts that all in perspective. This video is that for me.

Talk about LOVING your body, FIERCELY! Viktoria Modesta, the world’s first amputee pop artist, has a disability; she is missing a leg, yes a leg! Her full name is Viktoria Modesta Moskalova, her back-story is interesting. Her leg was damaged at birth and gave her trouble all her life, so when she got older she voluntarily had it amputated below the knee to improve her mobility and quality of life.

Check out the video, Channel 4 presents Prototype.

Generally society considers disability, especially a missing limb, far from attractive. Yet, Modesta turns all that upside down. She is beautiful, powerful and hell just powerfully sexy, she turns her prosthetic leg into a work of art and object of desire. She is reframing the way disability is perceived. I think that’s positive. Then to make sure you get the point she does the sickest, dopest, solo dance at the end of the video. She can tell us all something about self love and body appreciation.

So tonight when I look in the mirror, I’m going to compliment EVERY body party from my toes to the tip of head, Big toe, I love you - you look good, ankles, -niiiice, calf muscles - strong, thanks for carrying me through the day, every day, thighs – mm love, tummy – love you too, including those love handles, breasts, you’re damn near perfect, neck, very pretty , lips full, face on Fleek , hair – long, thick, pretty I love you t even those premature gray strands get love!

Thanks for the inspiration Viktoria Modesta.

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