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No More Breaking Resolutions - 5 Sites to Help You Meet Your New Year's Goals

Each new year we make resolutions, we resolve to eat better exercise more, improve careers or finances, the bottom line is we see the New Year as a huge reset button.

Sometimes we need a little help to meet our New Year goals. Here are five (or so) of my favorite sites to keep you looking good, meeting goals and feeling amazing, year round.I'll be using some of these and updating you throughout the year.

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An online retailer specializing in plus size designers. They have Carmakoma, MYNT 1792, Jessica Simpson, ABS by Allen Schwartz and more! Basically a one stop shop for your curvy girl clothing needs. If your resolution involves losing weight, or embracing your curves as is, you must have the clothes to go with it. As you know co -founder of was our December Curvy Girl of the Month and you still have until 11:59pm December 31, 2014 to use code CGL20 to get 20% off the entire site.

2. Stay on track with a goal planner:

I’m cheating a bit here by adding three sites to this one bullet point but they are all useful! There are several apps that help you track your goals. Here are a few to consider:

  • A free app that let's you break goals down into weekly increments

  • An interactive goal setting program, you set life goals and as you achieve them your goal tree blooms. (*See the mind bloom tree at the top of this post)

  • Science says it takes 21 days to make or break a habit. reinforces that idea, you can go with the free version or the committed mode. In committed mode you pay $21.00 per habit. Each day you are successful you get the $1 back, if you're not, then that days dollar goes to charity

We all just want to be happy, right? What if you used scientific methods to increase happiness? This is what Happify does. It literally helps you train your brain, with games, affirmations and other proven methods to add a bit of happiness to your life.

Many of us set healthy eating goals each New Year, MyFitnessPal helps you track these goals. Try the desktop or mobile app. MyFitnessPal keeps you on track, you set a weight loss goal and it recommends calorie intake per day, then you track what you eat each day. You set the initial goal and you update meals, so no pressure. You can also the app or desktop version. Sometimes I use it just to track eating habits and focus on clean eating. That's a great alternative way to use the app if you want to see your eating patterns but not focus on losing weight or a number on the scale.


5.Get your Money Right with,

Singletary is a syndicated columnist for the Washington Post, she is a trusted source on financial planning, and getting out of debt. If you feel like your money is going down a black hole each month, Singletary's book the 21 Day Financial Fast is a great way to jumpstart your savings and work toward financial freedom and success.

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So whether it's December 31 or January 21 it's never too early or late to set New Year’s goals. These 5 sites will help curvy girls, well, actually EVERY girl achieve goals for 2015. Happy New Year!

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