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Get Cookin' with our Curvy Girl of the Month for 2015

Meet our January 2015 Curvy Girl of the Month - Kymberly Nichole

It's a New Year, with new, dynamic, talented, inspiring Curvy Girls to meet.

Here's Kymberly in her own words:


My name is Kymberly Nichole, I am a Certified Wellness Coach, Plus Model, Writer/Blogger, Veggie/Vegan Foodie, Body Positive Advocate and Owner of Well Fit Curves, a Holistic Wellness Coaching Practice where healthy curves are celebrated!

Wow, that's a lot lol, in a nutshell I am a Cheerleader for living your best productive life in the skin you're in at this very moment. I believe that being curvy or full figured doesn't mean you can't be healthy/well and being on a journey to better health is always a good thing. In fact better health & wellness should be something we all strive for unapologetically!

How Are you Living That Curvy Girl Life?

I don't waste the time I've been blessed with, I embrace my inner/outer beauty and my curves, and I encourage others to do the same.

Here's how you can connect wtih Kymberly:

I have lots going on, I'm super excited to be a partner in the Self-Love Celebration coming to New York onFebruary 12th.

I am releasing my 1st book on Amazon, entitled "Your Abundance Map" on Tuesday, January 6th! All info will be on the Well Fit Curves website.

But Wait There's More:

One of my other passions is Vegetarian/Vegan cooking, I will be launching the Curvy Girl's Kitchen YouTube channel in February 2015 to accompany my current blog, with the same name "Curvy Girl's Kitchen."

Curvy Girl Chronicles will livestream cooking in the kitchen with Kymberly, later this January. Stay tuned for updates!

Connect wtih Kymberly:

I can also be found on FaceBook, as Kymberly Nicole and as Curvy Girls Kitchen and the recently launched Well Fit Curves.

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