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I'm No Angel -Lane Bryant Puts Victoria's Secret on Notice

Lane Bryant just released a new ad campaign for their Cacique lingerie line. They're using the tag line I'm No Angel to redefine beauty and market their bras and panties. This campaign involves a Youtube video with nearly 2 million views, billboards in major cities and Instagram posts.

Clearly the I'm No Angel hash tag is aimed at Victoria's Secret's Angel campaign. The ads, shot by photographer Cass Bird, are editorial, stylistic, black and white shots, featuring several famous plus size models, Ashley Graham, Marquita Pring, Candice Huffine, Victoria Lee, Justine Legault and Elly Mayday.

Lane Bryant has received a lot of attention, from social media to CNN to the Huffington Post. It seems when you put plus size women in a bra and panty, and show a few rolls the world goes mad! lol.

I love the campaign. I've been wearing Cacique bras and panties for years. I'm a triple DDD now but at one point my bra size was a 40 F. So I grew out of Victoria's Secret years ago. They chose not to offer extended sizes and Lane Bryant stepped into that gap with quality, sexy lingerie.

I've heard some critique of Lane Bryant, such as their campaign is body shaming smaller women. No, their campaign is just catered to their maket - plus size women. Also it's clever, fun and garnering a lot of positive attention.

I believe this campaign is body positive, not body shaming, think of all of the women who felt like they couldn't be "Angels" because they couldn't fit the Vicky Secrets Angel brand. How often did not being an Angel seem negative? Now Lane Bryant is redefining what it means to be an "Angel." Women who previously felt left out can say I'm No Angel with pride.

Want to be down with this campaign? Post pics on social media using Lane Bryant's hash tag #I'mNoAngel and you might show up on their website, don't forget to add the Curvy Girl Chronicles hashtag too #ForTheLoveofCurves.


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