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Fashion Friday - Get 30% off Siobahn Peay Designs & an Ebook on Building an Online Boutique

Fashion Fridays, our periodic shout out to all things fashion is back. This time I'm parterning with blogger and e- commerce owner Jacque Amadi. Today and the remaining Fridays in May we'll be sharing interesting designers and shop owners who market and sell exclusively online. These E commerce divas have a lot to share about starting a business. Most importanly we're providing you budding entrepreneurs with a jump start to create your own e - commerce empire. You'll get Jacque's resource Build a Boutique, for a discounted price. Just click that link.

We hope you'll be inspired by these designers stories. First up is a plus size designer I've had the pleasure of working with Siobahn Peay. You can find Siobahn on Instagram @siobahnpeay and and This Maryland based designer is young, passionate and talented! I had a chance to model for Siobahn and her clothes are fun, pretty and flattering. I asked Siobahn to share her passion with us and this is what she had to say:

Siobahn Peay

Q. How did you raise the money to start your busines? Did you save, take loans, or ask family and friends?

A. I have been on a debt free journey now for almost two years, and to get there, for a season, I had to make some dramatic changes. There is a passage of scripture from Proverbs 6. It talks about freeing yourself from debt with gazelle like intensity. With that being said, I moved from my apartment back home with my mother. I've been able to allott the money I was using in rent to pay off my student loans, car loan, credit cards, and I've designated money for ventures/my entreprenuerial ideas. $150.00 a paycheck is set aside for my fashion fabrics, materials, and the shows I participate in.

If you're looking to start-up a company, be encouraged! My route may not be for you, but remember, for a season, to save more money, you may have to make some dramatic changes.

Q. Why did you chose the platform you're on, square, to sell your products? Why not etsy or something similar?

I used square because, they have a low fee credit card processing percentage. The percentage is 2.75%. Whereas with Paypal and similar services, their percentage is a variant of 2.9%. Square also insures you for up to $3,000 yearly.

Photo Credit - @thesocialnubian

Q. What advice do you have for any one who wants to start in the fasion business, either as a designer or online boutique owner?

A. If I could give advice to anyone who wants to be an entrepreneur, it would be to create a note in your phone titled "Ideas" and literally whenever a creative thought pops-up type it into your ideas notepad. Revisit your ideas notepad periodically and choose one, do some research and get started! I'd like to add that my faith in my God has allowed me to pursue this fashion career that I've embarked on, it's given me the courage to "put myself out there" and be fearless!

Siobahn's word have certainly inspired me to be fearless. You just might be seeing some Curvy Girl Chronicles products out there soon. hint hint. If you're feeling fearless too, check out Jacque's Build a Boutique resource and get started today!

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