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Hey Gorgeous Let's Get Manik! (or How to get a Summer Internship in Fashion)

Aimee Cheshire is next up on Manik Mag. A few months back Aimee was our Curvy Girl of the Month, I loved her spirit so much, I recently introduced her the Manik Mag audience in my Curvy Q & A series.

Aimee is a former plus model, turned blogger, turned online retail entrepreneur. She runs and specializes in designer clothes for curvier women, size 8 and up! In her Manik interview, Aimee tells me is looking for summer interns, in fact they're always looking for interns. This is great hands on experience for anyone who wants to work in fashion.

Read Aimee's interview on Manik Mag for more info. Go ahead, it's OK to get a little Manik about this plus industry pioneer. I know I'm crazy about her!

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