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Illustrated Fashion Tour - Curvy Girl Style

Next up on the Ill Fashion Tour - Me!

Each week I hip you to Laura Burge's newest fashion illustration. This week her illustrated fashion tour, known as the Ill Fashion Tour stops by Curvy Girl Chronicles lane. Yup, she illustrated me and I'm honored to be featured this week. I think she really captured the look!! I'm wearing a design from our Fashion Friday series from designer Dreams by Danielle.

From June through July Laura is using her skills to illustrate fashion bloggers. You know me, I'm on the corner of Body Positive Lane and Fashion Blogger Drive. So, check out Laura's illustrated interpretation, on In her post read my favorite quote on fear and learn who I name as my top 6 Style Icons - hint includes a model, pin up legend and daughter of a famous Pop R&B Diva.

Laura sells her illustrations on Etsy and does commissioned pieces so definitely check her out.

Curvy Girls aren't selfish, we share... so hit those buttons below & share the dopest summer tour, the Ill Fashion Tour with your friends.

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