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Monday Motivation - 9 Songs for Your Take this Job! Playlist

Words have power and music is transformative. Music is mood altering and I want to put you in a good mood!

This is my second Music Monday post. This summer on Monday's I'm presenting you with music motivational playlists. Just a few songs to get your week started on a positive and contemplative note.

Today's playlist is "Take this Job! I'm Following My Dream" The playlist starts with hip hop swagger, moves to a note of inspiration from Steve Jobs, then goes to a simple but declarative 6 word spoken word piece and ends on an inspiring gospel note. You'll be dancing at your desk, dusting off the haters and planning your next career move!

I hope this list motivates you to make Monday's your Bi$#h! Why dread Mondays, when it's just another day to get better and build toward your dreams?

"The Only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet. Keep Looking"

~ Steve Jobs

Come back next week, for the next Music Monday Motivation playlist.

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