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Monday Motivation - 8 Songs to Inspire your Personal Independence Day

My Music Monday Motivation is back! You know words have power and music is transformative. Music is mood altering and I want to put you in a good mood and inspire you! In honor of the Independence Day holiday that just passed, I've got a playlist with songs to inspire Independence and free thinking.

Sometimes we get stuck, in a bad relationship, dead end job, unhealthy friendships or we're just in a rut. Whatever you want fredom from, be it the tyranny of a bad boss or just freedom to express yourself, I trust this Music Monday Independence list will get you hype, ready to get rid of the numbness of a stuck situation, have the freedom of someone 21 and have you imagine your future self, whoever you are. (those are song hints by the way. ) Enjoy : Independence Day.

Want more? To check out last week's playlist click "Take this Job! I'm Following My Dream"

Remember, Monday is the start of another week to get better, so make Monday's your Bi$#h! And build toward your dreams. You're FREE to do whatever you want.

"The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.

-Albert Camus

Come back next week, for the next Music Monday Motivation playlist.

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