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Music Monday Motivation - Tres Jolie

It’s Monday. A day people often dread, because it’s the start of the work week.

I’ve been there and done that dread feeling, but I’m trying to exude more positivity. That’s why I started my Motivational Music Monday posts.

Music has the power to bring back a memory, drive us to tears or inspire great passion.

Each Monday I have a powerful playlist for your week. I’ve had the take this job and shove it playlist! Last Week’s Amy Winehouse inspired post and now I bring you Music Motivation – Tres Jolie. Tres Jolie means Very Pretty in French.

This was inspired by my Girls Night Out this past Friday.

A friend of mine had a girls night out celebratory birthday dinner in D.C. Great night, great company, fun times. We took a taxi back and the driver was French (he spoke SEVEN languages actually) and was playing this French song by an artist named Indila, I was entranced, and no it wasn’t the champagne talking. LOL. This mini-adventure inspired this elegant playlist.

Maybe it’s the memory of the free champagne we got Friday night, (it’s fun being pretty) or how beautiful I felt in my little black dress or just the infectious positivity of the birthday girl Liz, but this playlist makes me fee bubbly, effervescent and calm all at the same time. I hope you feel something special when you play it.

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