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Music Monday - Confident Girl Power Anthems - You Better Work!

It's Music Monday. As you know I have a summer series called Music Monday Motivation. A music note can bring back a memory, a song can become inspiration or a rallying cry for change. In short music is a great motivator. So why look at Monday's in fear, look at Monday's as just another week to get better.

I had an entire weekend with the lovely women of Curves Rock Fashion Weekend. I walked the runway for 3 designers, including Ashley Stewart, and had a ball. As a model you have to perform and deliver. I love runway! Don't get me wrong, I get nervous, I feel the pressure to deliver but I get a hot song in my head and I Werk (yes with an e). Sometimes in life we have to have that same attitude and attack the day to go for our dreams.

This Phresh off the Runway playlist will have you walking into your job, your gym, your grocey store even, with confidence and pride. Go ahead play these 7 songs and power strut your way to your dreams.

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